Location Mogente

Globalpeace Campus Spain in former Al-Ándalus

The Globalpeace Campus connects the golden age of Al Andalus (8 to 15 century Moorish Spain and Portugal) through a philosophy and evolution transfer of religions to the 21st century.

Apart from Jerusalem, Rome and Mecca, there is no region with more historical significance for Muslims, Christians and Jews. The Globalpeace Campus is a new peace symbol for peace between religions and for our future.  


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The town of Mogente/Moixent

Mogente or Moixent is a municipality in the Comarca Costera in the region of Valencia, Spain. The municipality includes the ruins of Bastida de les Alcusses, one of the most important Iberian archaeological sites of the Comunidad Valenciana.

The food in the region is fantastic and star chefs offer the gourmet a welcome change.

The Mediterranean Sea is about 70 km or 1 hour drive away.

Transport connection 

There is a train connection from Valencia airport to Mogente.

A motorway or expressway connects Mogente with the cultural points of Valencia, Madrid, Barcelona, Murcia, Codoba, Sevillia and Granada..

From the motorway exit Mogente it is 6 km to the property..

A private driving service from the property to Mogente, Valencia, Alicante and Mucia or to the beaches by the sea is provided by the operator of the Globalpeace Campus.

A helicopter landing pad is planned in the region by the organizers.

Valencia Airport - Mogente 88 Km 0.54 hrs Motorway
Valencia Airport -Mogente Train 2 hours 49 minutes
Alicante 1h 15 min Motorway

The property is located after you live an adventurous access gorge directly on the B 589 from Mogente to Navalon at a magnificent vantage point in the vicinity of wild goats.

The B589 is located directly on the Hochplato of the Globalpeace Campus Park property.. 


DSC02427 1okokokokoDas Grundstück auf dem Hochplatto (ca.750 hoch) mit einer fantastischen Fern-Aussicht.

The property is located in Moixent/Mogente next to the old urbanisation CUMBRES DE VALENCIA I and has the name in the development plans of Moixent: REFERENCIA CATASTRAL 2090001XJ9009S in today's cultural tourism area of Cordoba, Toledo, Sevilla, Granada and Valencia as a seaport with its high number of visitors interested in culture, to which the Globalpeace Campus connects with the peace architecture unique in the world and its radiance as well as the image of the future-orientated 2nd Enlightenment, which promotes prosperity as well as peace between the religions, has a global effect from Spain.


The building plot for the Globalpeace Campus has been purchased with 940 000qm 2018 (270 000qm is buildable with villas/single family houses to be embedded in the park) in Moixent/Mogente in the province Valencia/Spain. A change of use is to enable the unique Friedens architecture and the conceived mixed use on the purchased building plot within the 270,000 sqm of building land. The change of use is expected to be granted in 2020.

Security is a top priority. The security zone is occupied by security personnel (24 hours a day) who secure the properties of the Globalpeace towards the street. From the other three sides the plots are not accessible as they are located on the Hochplato.

The climatic conditions are ideal for health due to the low humidity (on average only 50% of the climate directly at the sea). Due to the high plateau, the temperatures in July-August are reduced to about 32 degrees on average and very pleasant as the humidity is reduced and almost always a light wind blows on the high plateau which is 750 meters above sea level and is called the summit of Valencia.

globalpeace proyecto Mogenta