The innovation factory

The building innovation factory has the shape of a head that includes a 5-6 star luxury hotel called Creador. The luxury hotel is equipped with junior apartments of 50 sqm and presidential residences up to 1000 sqm. Few luxury smart owner-occupied apartments and owner-occupied luxury lofts complete the offer.

In addition to the architectural head shape of the building, the other buildings, to which the various areas of culture and research are divided, are also combined under the name Innovation Factory in the Globalpeace Campus. The term describes the concept and meaning of the campus in one term.

The concept of the Innovation Factory includes a new positive power centre for the design of future ethical products, programmes and markets by bringing together the research centre, the university and the visualisation of millennia-old art and innovation puzzles, as well as the establishment of places of activity for companies with new technologies and the 13 evolution museums from the Stone Age to the present day.

The innovation factory on campus consists of:

Código Universo Gene Research Institute:

For epigenetic and genetic recovery and rejuvenation of the body. The empirical application control in the institute proves the effect of gene Clean and aimeim. Therapies are also being developed to activate the rejuvenation of body cells.

The Código Universo art open Evolutions Museum:

With 13 evolution museums with over 1,000 original works of art from the Stone Age to the present day. In collaboration with international museums and collectors, evolution exhibitions with important works of art history and from different countries and innovation focuses are organised as temporary exhibitions on the basis of the art formula.

Liedtke University:

With the main subjects: Epigenetics, Information Medicine, Philosophy of the Future, Human Rights, Creativity, Innovation and Evolution.

IT library and film archive for research results.


For companies, guests and residents for wood, plastic and metal processing, web design and painting as well as a music, film and photo studio.

Internet TV broadcasting studio:

We broadcast news from the Innovationsfabrik about the arts, research results and innovations worldwide on the Internet.

Cinema, music, theatre and lecture hall:

Permanent special exhibition for innovation, research results and new humanities theories from the Innovation Factory in the fields of medicine, the arts, architecture, technology, design and fashion.

Art and innovation special exhibitions:

Theatre, readings, music and film screenings

Living, living and inventing in the innovation factory:

For companies, members and guests: to get to know each other and to work on their own ideas, works of art and inventions or to be inspired or advised by fellow residents, to attend seminars or to withdraw to work on innovations.

Inventors', philosophers' and artists' hostels:

Being there is everything. Experience the innovative power of the innovation factory, shared dormitory.

The inventor and artist loft hotel in the museum:

on request with easel, workbench, film editing computer, laptop, music studio or synthesizer with the latest software in the loft. Inventor and artist lofts also for company and research seminars, seminar companies.

The innovation monastery with a shared studio:

to redesign your own project tasks or life plans in peace and quiet.

Lofts in the innovation factory:

for research institutes, companies, researchers, artists, inventors, actors, architects and designers, graphic designers, advertising agencies, film producers and photographers.

The Ideas Market for Innovation Accessories (in the adjoining shopping centre) is a shopping and service service for institutes, companies, researchers, inventors, artists and designers with a shop selling tools and materials, artists' accessories, a computer shop, a digital printing shop, a graphics and advertising agency, a music and film archive, fashion, a health and fitness area, gourmet food, galleries, a stage, a big screen and a gourmet restaurant, as well as café galleries, cafes and restaurants for museum visitors and residents.

 The Innovation Factory

Each luxury apartment will be designed, furnished and equipped with a selection from the Building Materials and Luxury Furnishings List and Design Furniture from the Selection List or approved interior decorators and fitters as well as original artworks from the Avantgarde Gallery in Puerto de Andratx Mallorca according to the buyer's wishes with the interior designers and designers of Globalpeace Campus INC and in consultation with the buyer. The square metre price for luxury apartments includes the complete furnishings. Special requests in construction, interior design and works of art will be charged extra.

Innovationsfabrik / Kopf


19.000 €/m2

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