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Goal: The 2 Reconnaissance

If you are not enthusiastic about the feedback, the new food for thought and the reactions you get with the Leks don't give up.

It is not that easy to change the world in peace without misery, pain, war or revolution by a 2nd Enlightenment.

Enlightenment always generates the resistance of yesterday but cannot be prevented as our history shows. Humanism, modern times have needed wars and centuries until slavery was forbidden, compulsory education, democracy, human rights and the right to vote for women were introduced.

Today we have the global Internet and billions of mobile phones. Now it is time to open the global peace and the necessary doors for that:

1. to enable all people to live a healthy, long life.

2. to start the 2nd Enlightenment for a strengthening of humanism.

3. to realize a peace symbol of all religions.

Over the Internet this can be converted global if over 400 million Leks, and Follerer the 2. clearing-up reaches.

The ambitious goal can be reached in 10 years as Google and Facebok have shown.

You could not support the 1st Enlightenment. Make yourself aware:

You enjoy the freedom, democracy, education, health and your doubled lifetime as well as the free access to knowledge and research that millions of people have fought for you in 500 years.

For the 2. enlightenment which is the most important step for the future of mankind, the world will not have to wait again centuries but will come with your help and the use of the Internet into the benefit of the daily faster growing fruits of the for millennia capped and now unlocked creativity of humans and the new humanism movement.

The New World is Developing Exporpotionally

It is time to see the emerging release of creativity of the human being with a rising world population several times with exponential growth prospering creativity resources in all areas of life of mankind as a sustainable energy, food, freedom and health and lifetime offer and to prepare the society optimally for the New World: without fears and work compulsion, with ethical values, for a life in prosperity and freedom by the 2nd Enlightenment.
Prosperity and creativity neutralize fears of the future. Understanding innovations and art in prosperity forms the basis for our own creativity.

With an increasing population, the world needs new sustainable concepts for humans, animals and nature. However, this is not possible without capital formation and creativity across the population as a whole, as only 10% of humanity's creativity resources are exploited by the fogging and encoding of art and without basic prosperity.

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