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Peace activist

Change the world as a peace activist

- As a peace activist, give away real estate shares from the Globalpeace Campus to the people you want to win as friends for global peace.

- We have reserved 250 million Globalpeace Campus Real Estate Shares as a peace gift to carry the idea of peace around the world and build new, more widely distributed fortunes.

Generate an income from your work as a peace activist; recommend "Artinvest" certified artworks of the artist Dieter Walter Liedtke and give away real estate share packages of the Globalpeace Campus per artwork. At the same time you have a new income from your work as a peace activist that can enable you to lead an independent life.

- The recommended art buyer wins two returns;

by the price increases of the Artinvest certified artwork of a possible 1100%.

by the value of the shares after the Globalpeace Campus is realized and the shares are traded on the stock exchange and its reactivated creativity that can be triggered by the artwork.
- You can, if you wish, as an activist, finance artworks for yourself from your income from the recommendations and thus, in addition to your income, earn additional profits and returns from the artworks and your real estate shares.

- You don't need equity as a peace activist.

- The PDF books "Kunsträtsel gelöst -art formula-" and "Kains Umkehr -Globalpeace- Der Ethische Kapitalismus" can be downloaded free of charge as PDF link photo of the 2nd books for information and as basis as well as for self-study of your activity for peace in the world.

We look forward to your registration as a peace activist.

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kains umkehr der ethische kapitalismus globalpeace2

Kains Umkehr

- Der Ethische Kapitalismus - Globalpeace

Seiten: 342 / Bilder: 107

"The positive energy of the inventor artist and Leonardo da Vinci of contemporary art, Dieter Liedtke, can be experienced by every exhibition visitor through the works. His works, theories and concepts are revolutionary, infectious and show art and science new ways to a humane society.."

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann
Kunsthistoriker und Leiter der Documenta (1972)
Bienale de Lyon (1997), Bienale di Venezia (1999 und 2001)
Berater der Código Universo Kunstausstellung art open 

Order book as free PDF 



Kunsträtsel gelöst

art formula

Seiten: 430

"The formula, the Leonardo da Vinci of today, is the revolution in art history. Liedtke wants to make creative thrusts visible and understandable through the image, through the images themselves. His art open art formula, (Código Universo) life + expansion of consciousness = art is, so to speak, the condensate of his research, which he has explained in various publications: The consciousness of matter (1982), the fourth dimension (1987), the key to art (1990)..."

Prof. Dr. Harald Szeemann 1999
Leiter der Documenta (1972), Bienale de Lyon (1997)
Bienale di Venezia (1999 und 2001)

Order book as free PDF 


We look forward to your registration as a peace activist.

For further questions please call the telephone number

34. 971 67 36 35 or by e-mail

Activist registration form

Activist registration form 

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