Die Spirithall (en)

The Union of Religions

The union of the Celtic faith culture, the Hinduism, the Budism, the Jewish faith, the Christianity, the Islam with the world formula.

Codigo Universo continues the tradition of spiritual change, the divinely growing consciousness of man, in the name of the following innovators and revolutionaries: Abraham, Moses, Buda, La Otse, Christ, Mohamed.

The scientific holistic view that all religions belong to one creation is documented by Dieter Walter Liedtke in the Holy Book of Religions (approx. 2200 pages, including the 5 books of Moses, the New Testament, the Koran and the important writings of Hinduism, Buddhism, the natural religions, the knowledge of the New Age movement and the world formula) - which becomes publicly accessible with the realization of the first holistic creation park Globalpeace Campus.

The Constitution of Religions and Creation
Dieter Walter Liedtke develops the World Constitution of Religions and Creation so that religions and faith are not permanently abused for power interests that violate human rights. This constitution unites all religions and non-believers in peace and secures their independence and evolution on behalf of creation.

The Constitution prohibits the competition of creeds among each other and guarantees all believers in God and atheists that the religious communities as well as the non-believers recognize the Constitution of Creation, that all human beings are valued and promoted by them as belonging to one creation and humanity. They affirm and protect the human dignity of the individual as well as that of his group and people, regardless of their faith or conviction, to respect, defend and protect their creativity.

  • The Constitution comprises 22 articles and is based on the Sacred Book of Religions which brings together all the Sacred Scriptures and Books of Faiths:
  • the Vedas of Hinduism
  • the Jewish Bible with the five books of Moses,
  • budism with its rules of ethics,
  • of Taoism with the books Tao de King and Nan Hua Chen Ching
  • the Christian Bible and the New Testament of the Christian faith,
  • of the Koran of the Prophet Mohammed and the Sharias
  • the ideas of the New Age movement,
  • researches of natural sciences and humanities,
  • the latest findings in peace research

the human rights charter of the UN as well as the world and peace formula as symbiosis and transformation power of the great religions, all believers in God and atheists as a humanity of the knowing (see also the book by Niklas Luhmann).

The Religion of Society - The Contingency Formula God

On the way to the goal of understanding between religions, believers and atheists, lost cultural knowledge had to be lifted and riddles of the natural sciences and the humanities or inaccurate statements (such as the statements of Thomas Malthus by research and development as to a large extent false were exposed and the theory of Darwin's evolution had to be modified by epigenetics) had to be solved or abolished.

The new empirical research results had to, mystical cultural secrets that were thousands of years old and forbidden to the population, which were reserved for an illustrious circle as knowledge, open, process and make accessible for the people, for example: What is art?

And that the power of art and creativity can be genetically anchored in the formula and transferred to every human being through the mirror neurons. Even today, the art formula is a forbidden topic in the media even in the industrialized countries of the West, even though the creativity of every human being is needed for an ethical world economy. Which leads to the well-known phenomena of poverty, fears of the future, depression, aggression, rampages, terrorism and wars.

The common roots, goals, culture and innovations of the peoples can only be grasped by every human being through seeing and understanding with the formula so that all minorities and religious communities in the countries retain their independence from the majority of the country who think differently, or from the respect of the majorities for the religion, history, culture and innovations of the minorities as well as from the knowledge of the important contribution to the social development of the country they accept into the community on an equal footing.

In the larger context, it becomes clear that there is not one religion, nation, minority or person that is not important for humanity and its development.

The Spirithall blueprints

Spirithall / Pyramide


13.000 €/m2

Spirithall for faith communities and religions of the:

Baha i-Glaube, Buddhismus, Christentum, Konfuzianismus, Hinduismus, Islam, Judentum, Moderne Religionen und Erweckungsbewegungen, Parseismus, Schintoismus, Taoismus, Traditionelle Religionen, Agnostisch, Atheisten

Naturreligionen, Hindus, Buddisten, Juden, Christen, Islamisten, New Age Bewegungen, Agnostiker und Atheisten

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